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Salut and welcome to my page!

Ciani is actually short from Luciana and is the nickname I game my self from the moment I could speak.

I grew up in the Transylvania region of Romania and moved to England over 20 years ago in order to complete a Business Degree. One thing led to another and, two decades and two children later, I find myself in the beautiful market town of Petersfield, nestled in the heart of the South Downs National Park.

My passion for gadgets and technological innovation was evident from a very young age (a neighbour once memorably stated that I have a man’s brain in a woman’s body), but I am equally devoted to sport and outdoor pursuits. As a member of the local triathlon club, I particularly relish open water swimming all year round.

Family and pet photography


While my now teenage children were growing up, I found myself frequently picking up the camera. Smudge and Millie, our two rescue cats, also joined our family 10 years ago. Every image captured over these years stores a myriad of memories.

These emotions make the foundation of my Family and Pets Photography offering. I would like to help you stow those precious snippets of life as it is now, create a time capsule for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Commercial Photography

As my reputation as a photographer had become established amongst friends, I started receiving requests for branding and promotional shots from fellow entrepreneurs: cooks, pilates and yoga instructors, beauticians, life coaches, brewers etc.

Coming from a management accountancy background gave me a better insight into their needs and aspirations, an understanding of how important it is to identify and deliver the exact image each client would like to project to the target audience. I enjoy creating the right environment to obtain those relaxed shots that capture the essence of the individual.

Events, products and promotional photography

With bringing up two very active children comes a multitude of experiences: the first steps, birthday parties, first day at school, holidays, pitch side at football, netball, rugby, cricket, hockey matches, friendship groups and first relationships to name but a few. Tens of thousands of images taken through the years in every possible scenario form the foundations of my work experience as a photographer.

Once I made the decision to turn my passion into a full time role, I undertook a number of courses in order to fine-tune my technical expertise. I am a strong believer that education never comes to an end, thus in the spirit of self-improvement, I endeavour to never stop learning, be it from you, the client, fellow photographers and the endless fountain of digital knowledge available.

With the right combination of experience and training, I hope to surpass your expectations when delivering images from your events that you would like to immortalise or the products you would like to promote to the world.


Please take a tour of the site. If you are inspired and would like me to capture images of your family or your business, please get in touch and I would be delighted to help.